U.S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION-WICHITA FAL United States Soldier Full-time and Part-time in WICHITA FALLS, Texas

Being a Soldier in the U.S. Army can strengthen you today to meet future opportunities. During Army training, you will learn LEADERSHIP, sharpen skills and push yourself to new limits. By facing and overcoming new challenges, you will grow stronger, mentally, physically and emotionally. With each new accomplishment you will fell a sense of pride as an individual and a part of a team. The Army offers opportunities. Whether you are interested in Education, Travel, the chance to work in a meaningful job or challenge and adventure, the Army is the place to be. Each Soldier brings individual abilities, talents and skills to the Army team that enable the Army to adapt and prevail in complex situations around the world. The Army offers guaranteed training in one of more then 150 career fields in Active service; and 120 part-time opportunities in the Army Reserve. Medical and Dental health care; 30 days of vacation with pay earned each year; Travel; $4,500 a year in tuition assistance; more then $72,000 for college after you serve; up to $65,000 for student loan repayment and up to a $40,000 sign up bonus. You can get out of the area for a while or stay close to home. It is your choice. Career fields available: Engineering, Mechanics, Aviation, Communication, Finance, Combat, Medical, Intelligence, Special Forces, Logistics, Food Service, and Law Enforcement. There are many jobs available within these fields. You just need to give me a call so we can sit down and have a discussion!!!

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