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LifeNet, Inc. Flight Nurse in Texarkana, Texas


Provide safe, quality nursing care to critically ill or injured patients in pre- hospital or hospital setting under the guidelines of state protocols and LifeNet standards of care. Provide ongoing monitoring & nursing management of critically ill or injured during transport & appropriate follow-up. Maintain equipment and vehicles utilized in providing service.


  • Maintain high quality of patient care by assuming responsibilities for medical care of patients and carrying out established policies, procedures, and protocols

  • Respond to requests for emergency medical care within prescribed time limits, examine patients, and report on patients' medical conditions to hospital staff

  • Utilize medical equipment and procedures including ventilator, fetal heart monitor, IV pumps, oxygen and suction devices

  • Seek additional training and remain current in equipment operations and medical procedures as outlined by LifeNet

  • Prepare and submit run forms and supporting documentation according to LifeNet standards

  • Maintain patient confidentiality

  • Lift & carry patients to and from the aircraft

  • All aspects of patient movement including, but not limited to, lifting from the ground, lifting a patient while on the cot, lifting a patient in a stair chair, carrying a patient down step in a stair chair or cot, moving patients from one surface to another (cot to bed, cot to bench seat, etc...)

  • Maintain operational readiness and professionalism by adhering to and maintaining consistency with the administrative and departmental policies regarding appropriate behavior, dress, attitude, attendance, and reliability

  • Follow LifeNet guidelines for customer service

  • Assume responsibility as a LifeNet employee as the situation warrants and respond in whatever capacity the schedule or situation warrants

  • Comply with continuing education requirements and maintain all relevant certifications. Achieving beyond minimums is highly encouraged

  • Become actively involved in the continuing education and training of your peers as well as all LifeNet employees. Maintain proficiency in academics and training by serving in the instructor capacity

  • Attend company staff meetings on a regular basis according to LifeNet standards

  • Inspect and complete daily check off sheets to insure adequate stock on the helicopter, the CCT ambulance, and narcotics inventory. Report problems to Maintenance, the Operations Managers and/or the Air Operations Manager, as indicated

  • Take an active part in the continuous improvement and team driven management of the flight department by performing additional duties as assigned. Provide frequent updates on your progress to the Operations Manager and the flight team

  • Actively implement problem solving techniques on a daily basis utilizing current SOPs. Autonomously, work with the other departments when possible to choose the best courses of action that keep the quality of patient care as a primary determinant. Notify the Operations Manager and/or Director of Operations as soon as practical by e-mail or phone of any incident that may have a negative impact on LifeNet and/or the flight department

  • Adhere to safety, health, and regulatory requirements as described in the administrative and departmental policies and procedures

  • Maintain the cleanliness of the helicopter, the CCT vehicle and flight office

  • Serve as an outreach representative for LifeNet by actively establishing and maintaining professional relationships in regards to education and training in your assigned service area and assist other team members with their areas

  • Assist with quality improvement and customer relations by doing regular patient care follow-ups

  • Achieve and maintain a high level of appropriate communication between team members, pilots and the Communications Center to help insure unit readiness, crew identities, location, etc...

  • Maintain flight currency and training as outlined by the flight department training representative

  • Perform other related duties as required.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age, prefer at least 23 years of age

  • Current state license as a Registered Nurse in both Texas and Arkansas

  • Current EMT or Paramedic certification in both Texas and Arkansas

  • Minimum three years critical care experience as a Registered Nurse in Emergency Department or ICU in an acute care facility

  • Current state driver's license with acceptable driving record

  • Negative DOT drug screen

  • Current ACLS, BCLS, NRP or equivalent, TNCC/ ITLS/ PHTLS, PALS/ PEPP/ ENPC certifications required

  • Achieve and maintain all certifications and requirements outlined by LifeNet's Clinical Training Manager

  • Certifications in Emergency Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, and auditing of Advanced Trauma Life Support Course preferred

  • Instructor certification in BCLS, ACLS, TNCC, and/or other advanced specialty course preferred

  • Ability to locate hospitals and major medical facilities in the area

  • Must pass a written & oral evaluation, psychomotor evaluation, and complete a field training evaluation period as part of the credential establishing process during the first 90 days of employment.

  • Effective oral and written communications skills

  • Effective interpersonal skills

  • Ability to maintain effective communication skills with co-workers, patients, patients' family, and the personnel of base station hospitals and interacting agencies.


  • OccasionallyBoredom, MCIs, life and death situations, intense tasks, high call volume

  • FrequentlyFlying, loud noises, late shift changes

  • ConstantlyRepetitive tasks, high pressure, hazards, patient care


  • OccasionallyClimbing, kneeling, running distance, reaching above shoulder level, lifting patients weighing greater than 150 pounds, driving or staffing an ambulance

  • FrequentlySmelling, sitting, leaning, stooping, bending, climbing, standing, twisting, walking inside & outside, lifting patients weighing not greater than 150 pounds, pushing, pulling, reaching, balancing, carrying equipment and supplies no greater than 70 pounds, fine hand & finger movement

  • ConstantlyHearing/listening, clear speech, touching, seeing, upper and lower body flexibility, multiple physical & mental activities performed simultaneously.


  • OccasionallyExtreme heat and cold, wet and/or humid conditions, vibration, pressurized equipment, burning materials, moving objects, fumes/odors/mists, gases, toxic conditions

  • FrequentlyInside, outside, temperature changes, high places, mechanical & electrical equipment, confined areas, noise, dirt/dust, other hazardous conditions, human excrement, blood, urine, mucous, tissue

  • ConstantlyWorks with and around others, face to face and verbal contact with others, shift work.


  • OccasionallyMath skills

  • FrequentlyComplex writing, clerical, analyzing, perception/computation, problem solving

  • ConstantlySimple and complex reading, simple writing, memorization, judgment, reasoning, decision making


  • OccasionallyFacsimile, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaner, protective devices and clothing, computer

  • FrequentlyCleaning equipment and supplies

  • ConstantlyStretcher, maps, pager, IV supplies, bandaging, medications, monitor/defibrillator, radio, critical care equipment, disposable supplies, durable equipment, trauma bag/box, drug box.