LANSON B JONES Landscaping General Laborers - 77098 in HOUSTON, Texas

Mows lawns, using power mower. Trims and picks flowers and cleans flower beds. Digs holes for plants, mixes fertilizer or lime with dirt in holes, inserts plants, and fills holes with dirt. Hauls or spreads topsoil, and spreads straw over seeded soil to hold soil in place. Waters lawns, trees, and plants, using portable sprinkler system, hose, or watering can. Decorates garden with stones and plants. Applies herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, and pesticides, using spreaders or spray equipment. Attaches wires from planted trees to support stakes. Seeds and fertilizes lawns. Maintains tools and equipment. Builds forms and mixes and pours cement to form garden borders. Shovels snow from walks and driveways. Requirements: No experience needed At least 2 years of experience. Candidate must pass background check. Convictions will be reviewed on a case by case basis; convictions will not necessarily bar a candidate's employment.

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