Bottle Rocket® Vice (Sr.) President of Experience Design (XD) in Addison, Texas

ABOUT Bottle Rocket:

Bottle Rocket has been a thought leader at the intersection of transformative technology and business innovation since our inception in 2008. Headquartered in Dallas, we design and develop experiences for the Connected Customer that produce undeniable value for many of the world’s most distinguished brands. Our more than 450 award-winning experiences have set new standards in connecting people to what they want and are transforming how our clients compete and win in the marketplace. Bottle Rocket is a strategic partner within the world-wide WPP integrated communications network. To learn more, visit us at

ABOUT working for Bottle Rocket:

Bottle Rocket is a rapidly growing specialist at the forefront of connected device revolution. Our team is comprised of mature, self-motivated professionals who bring passion to their craft. We do what it takes to get the job done, but never stop trying to improve ourselves and our services. By day, we sweat the details and build awesome mobile and digital experiences – and our passion doesn’t end there. After hours, we’re those people standing in line for the latest technologies and attending industry meet ups searching for more knowledge. Bottle Rocket not only exceeds standards – we set new ones (and have fun while doing it).

We take pride in our employees and their future. We have repeatedly been named to the Dallas Business Journal's Best Places to Work, The Dallas Morning News Top 100 Places to Work, and the Inc. 500. Our work has won an unprecedented number of Apple Hall of Fame awards, among many other industry recognitions. We have also been featured in Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies. And our Founder and CEO was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for our region.

It’s our duty to stay at the forefront of what’s next, and in our world, that means continuous innovation. It’s more than just a buzz word. It’s our day to day and the heartbeat of our Rocketeers. We believe innovation is the result of curiosity and the desire to make a difference. Innovation is a strategic imperative we use to deliver relevant offerings to help our clients stay ahead of the competition. Innovation that rapidly turns into execution is our strength.

With tens of millions of users interacting with our work every day, Bottle Rocket’s future promises continued growth in all areas of our business. If you are passionate about what you do and having fun while doing it, Bottle Rocket may be the place for you.

To learn more, visit us at

ABOUT This Position:


Bottle Rocket is a design-led company deeply committed to making things that matter and leading with a principle-based, owner/operator leadership mindset in order to produce preeminent business success. Bottle Rocket’s Vice President of Experience Design is a person who is internally committed to understanding people and a leader in applying design to Connected Lifestyles. Both characteristics fuel a passion to learn, partnered with a deep desire to grow as a leader.

The VP of XD’s professional mission is to use design to influence individuals, teams, and enterprises—while helping inspire, shape and integrate ideas, processes, journeys, and environments.

This senior leader reports to the Executive Vice President of Solutions and Delivery and is a member of the Solutions and Delivery team of leaders which includes engineering, project management, and quality assurance.

As a practitioner with exceptional balance between optimism and realism, the Bottle Rocket’s VP of XD understands brand and the power of brand equity and understands what society wants. The VP of XD teams with other senior Bottle Rocket leaders to translate what is relevant for society into what is relevant for Bottle Rocket’s ecosystem, business model, operations, crafts, market approaches and client outcomes.

The VP of XD strengthens Bottle Rocket’s practice of leadership and is a gifted leader of teams of teams. This leader supports, inspires and challenges multiple cross-functional small groups as Bottle Rocket builds momentum toward the essential goal of helping all Rocketeers, our connected communities and society as a whole thrive in a constantly changing, increasingly turbulent, world.

Bottle Rocket’s VP of XD joins the senior team as Bottle Rocket begins its second decade—with an exceptional window of opportunity for Bottle Rocket’s designers to enable design to be more integrated across Bottle Rocket’s entire business system and model.

Under the leadership of the VP of XD must inspire the whole company to be more creative. At the same time, experience designers must be motivated to lead with humility, patience, and empathy—as they help all Rocketeers reject any form of closed mindedness or lack of inclusion, while working with others in designing the path toward sustainable, long term Bottle Rocket success.

The VP of XD brings a new capability and a new mindset to Bottle Rocket’s strategic commitment to integrating design thinking and innovation into Bottle Rocket’s business system, operating model and continued cultural evolution. This new mindset is certainly design-focused and people-centric, with an inclusive perspective on consumers, users, clients and strategic partners. Leveraging the typical tools of the design community in order to create engaging, relevant and unique experiences for Connected Lifestyles.

Everything Bottle Rocket does is focused on enriching Bottle Rocket’s connected customer mindset. The VP of XD is accountable for developing, sharpening and expanding Bottle Rocket’s Connected Lifestyle strategy, thought leadership, craft, expertise, and methods.

The VP of XD understands Bottle Rocket’s business as a whole—including finance, client success, business development, marketing, solution delivery, engineering, and talent development. As such, the VP of XD understands how corporations work at senior leadership and board levels and has the attunement, presence, and command of business knowledge that enables preeminent problem identification and problem solving.

The VP of XD is also an architect supporting Bottle Rocket’s evolving set of small groups. This designer/leader must look at all things Bottle Rocket in a very broad way—from market offerings to client SOWs, from innovation to strategy and from competencies to processes to measures—in order to understand and mitigate constraints of culture, systems, groups dynamics and corporate structures that exist, or may emerge, as Bottle Rocket keeps building momentum.

The VP of XD teams with the Center of Revenue Excellence (CoRE) Leadership to champion the integration of all Bottle Rocket competencies, functional resources and key partnerships for the purpose of growing Bottle Rocket’s business, modifying its business system in order to maintain earnings momentum, expanding the brand, increasing the relevance of go-to-market offerings, increases the probability of business sustainability and the continuous adaptation of Bottle Rocket’s culture to the every changing demands of the environment.

At the end of the day, the VP of XD is measured on business results and securing and retaining top design talent.

From a near-term perspective, value is measured in terms of quick wins, sales of new offerings, and inspired clients from the highest quality work delivered on our current market offerings.

From a midrange perspective, the value is measured by a measurable shift in client connections at the C-suite level and external connection points which translate into significant long-term contracts.

From a long-range perspective, the value is measured on innovations and impact of new services developed.

The VP of XD’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


• Execute expert design practices to products and services primarily in the digital space • Ensure the quality of all work products • Ensure work is consistent with company standards set by leaders • Identify gaps in design competencies and secure and retain top design talent through hiring or partnerships • Develop, maintain, and refine organizational design of XD department through competency management and effective development of XD management team • Effectively manage project staffing, hiring and talent development of the XD department


Design Thinking Strategy

Talent Development Strategy

• Partner with the Senior Design Fellow in the progression and positioning of design thinking as a distinct strategic advantage for • Bottle Rocket when marketing our expertise, selling our offerings and delivering work. • Champion design thinking as a tool for digital and organizational transformation for Bottle Rocket’s clients and targets • Partner with the Senior Design Fellow to infuse design thinking into the reasoning processes of Bottle Rocket’s key leadership decision groups, while championing its use throughout Bottle Rocket’s many informal groups and sub-groups • Partner with the Senior Design Fellow to create one clear voice for • Bottle Rocket in terms of Design Thinking by jointly owning a Design • Strategy, which includes a two-year roadmap, key milestones, high level executional levers, key measures and reporting and feedback processes and protocols. • Facilitate design thinking rituals on an as needed basis • Sponsor key Senior Design Fellow led training interventions for designers in the tools and techniques associated with design thinking • Partner with the VP of Talent Development in identifying • opportunities to grow and develop team members and their leadership competencies • Partner with the Senior Design Fellow to deliver teaching and coaching to cross-functional teams on design thinking while presenting new views on key leadership subjects the leader is well versed in • Provide an example of preeminent communication and influence skills • Set the bar on interpersonal relationship skills, team leadership, cultural attunement, and transactional analysis

Connected Lifestyle Strategy

• Partner with the SVP of Corporate Strategy in identifying opportunities and gaps in our Connected Lifestyle Strategy. • Champion the identification of new talent and partnerships to pull the Connected Lifestyle Strategy forward. • Offer wise counsel and expert criticism on the Connected Lifestyle • Strategy and its roadmap


The ideal candidate will:

• Have 10+ years of experience in Strategy/Management • Consulting/Agency and/or Digital Product Development as a design leader and people manager • Have great knowledge of and passion for the Connected Customer • Be a self-starter and humble individual who can collaborate and work well across our several disciplines and drive internal commitment and cooperation with key stakeholders • Have strong communication, writing and presentation skills, particularly the ability to develop coherent arguments and present them concisely to a range of senior stakeholders • Have a track record of successfully managing complex cross-organizational and cross-functional projects and process and driving to results through influence • Be able to effectively balance multiple simultaneous priorities and deadlines with tight timelines • Show a record of effectively executing ideas and bring those ideas to market • Show a record of applying design standards to work products at scale


• Creativity • Empathy • Ability to reframe difficult ideas and concepts • Ability to hold different perspectives and guide and shape those • perspectives • Ability to research • Ability to experiment • Ability to facilitate • Ability to think and understand complex human systems • High tolerance for ambiguity and risk • Ability to effectively balance multiple simultaneous priorities and • deadlines with tight timelines • Practicality • Business sense • Critical thinking • Professionalism • Leadership • Relationship management


Undergraduate degree required. With a focus on design, mass communication or computer sciences.

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